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For almost 20 years Imperial Rubber Products Inc. has earned an international reputation as a high-quality source for new and repaired rollers.

We recently expanded our Northwest service to include a local office and dedicated team.

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Take Advantage of Our Strengths!

Imperial manufactures and reconditions rollers for converters, manufacturers and commercial printers.

We focus on select “Industrial” markets, primarily the processing, production and conversion of wood, steel, aluminum, plastics and paper. Our precise tolerance capabilities are ideally suited for film, coating and laminating applications in all industries. The select "Graphic Arts” applications we emphasize include Offset Web (heat-set, open web, newspaper), Flexography and Rotogravure.

Standard Capabilities

Our factory handles:

  • Lengths up to 300 inches
  • OD (Outside Diameter) up to 60 inches

We produce:

We offer:

  • New roll manufacturing
  • Roller reconditioning (repair) and covering
  • Emergency services for customers with urgent needs
  • Dynamic balancing to ISO-1940, ANSI and MIL-SPEC standards

Our facility includes:

  • A complete machine shop
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) crowning (parabolic, cosine, barrel, tapered)
  • CNC OD grinding
  • CNC grooving with exceptional precision
  • Hi-Pressure dry autoclave (6' x 32' in length)
  • Live steam autoclave (4' x 16' in length)
  • Automated extrusion roll builders
  • Vacuum static polyurethane system

Production Processes

To ensure consistent quality, our experienced staff is trained to implement clearly defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in our manufacturing processes, which span:

  • Precision grinding and polishing
  • Reconditioning, recovering
  • Extruding
  • Journal, Shaft and I.D. Bore (Socket) repairs and replacement

Standard Products and Services

The majority of our production is tailored to specific requirements unique to each customer. Our core offering includes:



  • Complete roll manufacturing
  • Core, shaft and journal repairs
  • Regrinding
  • Roll covering
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Chemical compatibility testing
  • Physical testing of materials
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