We’ll be at the Print UV Conference, March 2-4 in Las Vegas

“The World’s Best Information About Printing with UV”
March 2-4, 2014 Las Vegas

… This is the premier all-in-one conference for printers who want to learn about the latest in UV printing and UV curable coating technologies. Imperial Rubber will be showcasing the E-Tech™ series of coverings for ink and water rollers (proven German formulations) available exclusively in the Western U.S. from Imperial Rubber Products and elsewhere by Graphic Roll Coverings of Canada.

For more information about the unique products we deliver to UV printers, check out the E-Tech™ materials (www.imperialrubber.com/e-tech_offset_printing_rollers.asp) and the Trust-UV™ ink rollers (www.imperialrubber.com/trust-uv.asp).

Wide format printers have discovered these roller formulations are exceptionally stable with UV inks, with little change of ink stripe in high speed service. Specific compounds are available for dedicated UV inks or “back-&-forth” use of UV and conventional inks.

Imperial Rubber will be sharing a booth with Graphic Roll Coverings. You can receive a $100 reduction from the Print UV conference cost. Simply email or call us and we will provide you with details on how to register. Follow this link to get started: www.printuv.com.

If you would like information before the conference about any of these roller coverings and how they can maintain or increase print quality, please email or call us.

E-Tech is a trademark of Graphic Roll Coverings. Trust-UV is a trademark of Tekno Roll of Japan.